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  1. Before point of transfer on the day, Catamaran maXim requires the client to pay their deposit in advance before boarding the boat. Failure to make payments arranged shall cause the cancellation of this contract by Catamaran maXim and will retain it as compensation any amounts received at the time of reservation.

  2. The Initial deposit can either be paid by card (Euros) or by our PayPal system.

  3. Initial Deposits are 20% of the charter fee and Catamaran maXim holds this right to change its prices when desired before the Charterer has confirmed its booking.

  4. Catamaran maXim requires a deposit from the charterer at the time of any booking. 

  5. The amount shown for the charter shall be paid as follows-

    1. Fifty percent (20%) – On conformation of the booking to secure the reservation.

    2. Eighty Percent (80%) – 48hrs prior the commencement of the charter period.


  1. By exceeding the limited number of people allowed aboard at Catamaran maXim at any point during the duration of the charterers time period will result in a violation of terms and conditions of agreement. Therefore Catamaran maXim will be permitted to terminate the terms and conditions of agreement by right and will be authorized to notify the charterer to disembark and return the boat to the relevant point of transfer. Breaching the terms will result in no reimbursement of the fee paid in advanced. Damages caused through failure to comply with this clause, shall be paid by the client.


  1. It is the skippers responsibility to obey and operate the boat in areas and laws within the regions discussed by Catamaran maXim and the MALTESE MARTITIME LAW. Failure to comply in the agreed areas where Catamaran maXim is not licenced or insured will be a breach of terms and conditions of agreement. Therefore Catamaran maXim holds the obligation to decide the direction at all times.


  1. The chartered boat may only be sailed by those persons who are qualified to do so. During the charter, the boat shall be used only by the licensed skipper and according to the instructions and regulations of the shipping authorities, customs, Police and port authorities of Malta. 

  2. The charterer will pay all operating costs (Such as petrol, lubrication oils) and also bear the costs for any port the charterer would like to stay in other than the yachts moored port.

  3. Any fines imposed for infringing such depositions, shall be paid by the client.


  1. Where a boat offered by Catamaran maXim cannot be provided to the client by unforeseen events, previous charter breakdowns or any reason beyond the control of Catamaran maXim will offer the client the opportunity to rent another boat with a similar layout design or similar dimensions with equal or similar performance levels as agreed previously or reschedule to another date. 

  2. If the client declines offers made from Catamaran maXim replacement policy, they are entitled to a one hundred percent (100%) reimbursement for any amounts paid. The charterer is also not eligible to receive an indemnification package.


  1. If the boat by Catamaran maXim becomes disabled after the beginning of point of transfer for any reason that makes the boat impossible to continue, (reasons must be explained) the charter period will therefore be terminated and all fees incurred will be discussed and concluded at a later period.

  2. If a boat by Catamaran maXim becomes disabled due to a mechanical failure, Catamaran maXim will offer the charterer the opportunity to rent another boat with a similar layout design or similar dimensions with equal or similar performance levels as agreed previously. The client is also entitled to a one hundred percent (100%) reimbursement for any event of this nature.

  3. The Charterer is not eligible to receive an indemnification package.


  1. Catamaran maXim complaints policy to the client is that of any issues that arise, the charterer has the opportunity to notify Catamaran maXim upon arrival to the boat rather than at the end of the charter time period. Catamaran maXim therefore holds the right of no liability once this term is violated.

  2. All complaints afterwards must be submitted by a written letter to Catamaran maXim within a maximum time frame of 10 days. Complaints after 10 days of their charter will not be acknowledged and no claim accepted.

  3. Catamaran maXim will not assume liability if the fault is caused by the client or any member of their party, an unconnected third party or an event which we could not have foreseen or avoided


  1. When Catamaran maXim receives a cancellation for its bookings for whatever reason, the client (or whose name is specified on the booking confirmation) must notify Catamaran maXim

  2. ALL reasons for cancellations are not debatable when paid the deposit or full cost.

  3. Catamaran maXim cancellation policies will be subjected to the following fees-

    1. A booking over 30 days (or conformation of the contract) in advanced will be subjected to a NO charge fee and will receive their deposit or amount paid. (Initial deposit 50%)

    2. A booking less than 30 days in advanced will be subjected to a charge of one hundred percent (100%) of their original booking deposit or amount.

    3. A booking less than 10 days in advanced will be subjected to a charge of twenty percent (20%) of their original booking or amount. 


  1. The charterer and his or her party must obey to the rules and regulations of the countries in whose territories the boat is under whose jurisdiction. The Maltese Maritime Law must be obeyed at all times in the time period by the charterer.

  2. one hundred percent is exclusively for entertainment charters and not for commercial use or third party use. Under no circumstances whatsoever, therefore can the boat be issued for commercial operations, professional fishing, transport, regattas, sports competitions and any other non-competitive activities for which the Boat is not intended.

  3. The client is not to hand over or hire the yacht to a third party without the written consent of Catamaran maXim.

  4. The Charterer and their party must act accordingly in a well-mannered behavior and must not disturb any third parties in the duration of the time period.

  5. Catamaran maXim strictly prohibits the procession and consumption of Illicit drugs in any of the charters.

  6. Catamaran maXim strictly prohibits the procession and use of illegal weapons including firearms and other dangerous weapons

  7. The Charterer must ensure that goods and accessories belonging to the boat must be brought back to the point of transfer. If goods and accessories inspected afterwards are deemed to be damaged, the charterer must pay an additional fee. Catamaran maXim inspects all boats immediately after their return.

  8. The Charterer and their party are strictly prohibited in any dangerous areas of the boat. A violation of this regulation will be a breach of the terms and conditions of agreement.

  9. Catamaran maXim refrains from third parties entering the vessel who do not belong to the original party unless notified before the point of transfer.

  10. Catamaran maXim prohibits smoking interior. The charterer and its party have to smoke exterior at designated area. Failure to agree with this regulation results in a €100 penalty and damages are at cost of the charterer.

  11. If the boat is confiscated by the local authorities due to the fault of the client through misconduct, Catamaran maXim shall charge a fixed daily fee of seven hundred and fifty euros (€750) until the boat is returned, plus any damages caused will be paid for by the client.


  1. Catamaran maXim recommends that the client takes out travel Insurance with their company provider or choice to protect its party from unseen events or cancellation. 


  1. A fee of fifty euros (€50) will be charged for the cleaning of the boat at the end of the charter period if left in improper state caused by the charterer.


  1. If not stated in advance or agreed upon, Catamaran maXim reimbursement policy is that for any liabilities incurred by the Charterer, Catamaran maXim holds the right to keep in part or in full keep the deposit to satisfy the liabilities incurred.

  2. Where the Charterer is guaranteed a full reimbursement, the payment will be made the same way that it is received by Catamaran maXim

  3. Timing of Reimbursement will be no later than one week if not notified in advanced by Catamaran maXim

  4. Deposits paid by PayPal may be subjected to exchange rate variable. A reimbursement deposits made by PayPal will be credited, Please see PayPal´s Terms and conditions.


  1. Petrol is included in the daily charter fee and is at the cost of the client. The Captain (If provided) will be nominated by Catamaran maXim and is the only person permitted to drive the boat for the skippered charter.

  2. If the boat is a multi day charter the cost of the petrol is paid by the client. Catamaran maXim will make sure the tank is full at charter. And will charge the fuel that is used. 


  1. Extra cost in addition to the charter fee such as harbour fees outside home port, divers fees, customs formalities, national/Local taxes as applicable and food & Beverage services for the charters time of period are at the cost of the client.



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